2017 Newsletters

Fall, 2017

Theme: Just Come Home

Spring, 2017

Theme: Bethesda Health Clinic is Grace


2016 Newsletters

Fall, 2016

Theme: The Light of Understanding

Spring, 2016

Theme: A Faith-Filled Journey


2015 Newsletters

Summer, 2015

Theme: In the Hands of Angels

Spring, 2015

Theme: Blessed Man


2014 Newsletters

Fall, 2014

Theme: Sustaining Faith

Summer, 2014

Theme: Cowboy Courage


2013 Newsletters

Fall, 2013

Theme: Putting the Puzzle Together

Spring, 2013

Theme: Celebrating 10 Years!


2012 Newsletters

Fall, 2012

Theme: Ministry

Summer, 2012

Theme: Families that Volunteer at Bethesda Health Clinic


2011 Newsletters

Fall, 2011

Theme: Fruit of the Spirit Lived out at Bethesda Health Clinic

Summer, 2011

Theme: Medical and Dental Services at Bethesda Health Clinic