Pillars of Bethesda

A network of donors providing healthcare for their uninsured neighbors.

Pillars of Bethesda

Help Bring Affordable Healthcare to Our Neighbors

The healthcare crisis is massive. But together, we can solve it for our neighbors.

Pillars of Bethesda is our community of monthly donors.  Donations from our Pillars members go straight to services – not to administrative costs. As a Pillars member, you become a true partner to our patients by providing them with medical, dental and mental healthcare that is transformative.

Did you know? Texas has the highest rate (nearly 20%) and highest number (over 5 million) of uninsured people in the nation.

But together we can take care of our uninsured neighbors.  Pillars members provide high-quality healthcare to hundreds of uninsured East Texans every single month.

Please join us today with a monthly recurring gift, and partner with us to fulfill our mission to bring healing and hope to the people we serve.

And when you join Pillars, you also become a Bethesda insider. Insiders are given early access to stories and opportunities to learn about new initiatives and to provide feedback and ideas.

Pillars of Bethesda donors provide the foundation of Bethesda Clinic’s financial support. Through monthly donations, you can support crucial programs and give tangible hope to your uninsured and underinsured neighbors.

When you join Pillars of Bethesda, you will join a special network of donors committed to providing Christ-centered care for the whole body, physical and spiritual. Together, we can provide affordable healthcare to working, low-income adults in East Texas.

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