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We envision Bethesda Health Clinic as embodying Christ in action
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2021 BBB award winner

Bethesda Health Clinic Receives the 2021 BBB Award for Excellence

BBB Awards for Excellence Honor Ethical Business Practices

Bethesda Health Clinic is proud to have received the 2021 Better Business Bureau (BBB) Award for Excellence in the charity category. The awards were televised on KLTV in a production which aired on Sunday, May 2.

The BBB Award for Excellence recognizes East Texas Businesses and Charities who go above and beyond for their employees, their customers, and the community at large, and who demonstrate the highest standards of ethical practices.


We’ve been providing healthcare services in East Texas since 2003

Bethesda Health Clinic serves hardworking low-income adults who have no insurance or who are underinsured (those who have deductibles that are high relative to their income).

Since its inception, the clinic has served more than 11,000 patients and completed more than 125,000 patient visits.

We are very blessed and thankful for you guys. We pray for the clinic every week and share the word about the clinic with others. It’s amazing that this service is here for people like us!

Raquel Rivera

Primary Medical

Our physicians and staff provide initial care for patients with any health concern.

Specialty Medical

Our volunteer physicians provide limited on-site specialty evaluation and off-site specialty referrals.


Our dentists and staff provide affordable dental care and cleanings to low-income adults and seniors.

Mental Health

Our counselors help work through struggles with thoughts, emotions and relationships.

Our Plan in Response to COVID-19

If you think you need to be tested for COVID-19, please click here for free and local testing sites.
If you are looking for a vaccination please click here.

What to expect at Bethesda:

Your safety and health is our top priority. We are taking the following precautions to avoid exposure and spread of COVID-19:

  • All patients will have temperature taken upon arrival to clinic. Sick patients will be triaged.
  • Masks are required for patients and staff.
  • Patients are prohibited from bringing visitors or children into the clinic.
  • Remote appointments are available and can be requested upon scheduling.
  • Any potential patient can click here to apply for services online.

Remember your best defense is staying away from large crowds and aggressively hand washing! Please email or call us with any concerns.

A Virtual Tour of Bethesda Health Clinic

How We Helped in 2021

Before Bethesda, those in need had to go to a local hospital’s emergency room for medical care. Our state-of-the-art facility eases the burden on local ER’s while serving a neglected segment of our population in a professional and dignified environment.

Patients Served

Medical Visits

Dental Visits

Patient Stories

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. We can talk all day about how much work was done, how many volunteers helped, and how many donations were given. But none of these matter unless our patients’ lives are improved. Our patients’ stories are the measure of our efforts together, and they prove that all of it matters!


Bruce's Story

Bruce found out about Bethesda from his neighbor, who encouraged him to apply. He has never been able to afford health insurance and was surprised to learn how many services that Bethesda offered. Bruce had been living with an unmanageable cyst on his neck the size of a softball. Bethesda worked with a volunteer general surgeon and anesthesiologist to remove the cyst and give Bruce a new life!

“I am so grateful for Bethesda and all of the volunteers.”


Beth's Story

As a long time YWAM missionary and volunteer, Beth never had health insurance. Struggling with diabetes for a decade, she realized she needed to become healthier so she could be there for her grandchildren. Then she learned about Bethesda. Now Beth sees our volunteer endocrinologist, Dr. Jackson. She lost 30 lbs. and improved her A1C.

“I think the consistency of being able to come every three months and have my labs monitored and regular checkups has really helped. It’s been an incredible blessing to have the diabetic medications.”

Lisandro's Story

Lisandro works at CPS Medical but has never been able to afford health insurance. He has chronic asthma, and never knew how to control it until coming to Bethesda. Instead of spending numerous trips at the ER, he found a primary care home at Bethesda Clinic.

“At Bethesda they treat you like family. They always call and check on me to see how I am doing. They always make sure I have an inhaler or a free sample if I can’t afford it. They really care about the patients.”

We Are Here to Listen

If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, talk to us. Life is hard, but you don’t have to do life alone.

A Few of Our Volunteers

Here are just a few of our volunteers who made the choice to support Bethesda Health Clinic with their time.

Medical Volunteer

Meet Connie

Connie is an RN who has been volunteering at Bethesda every week for two years. She is studying to be a nurse practioner and loves giving her time to the community.

“Volunteering at Bethesda is a great way to honor Christ by demonstrating His love for people.  I’m blessed to see for myself improvements in the health and quality of life of our patients.”

Meet Dr. Cris Berlingeri

Dr. Cris Berlingeri is a Puerto-Rico native and a dermatologist who is passionate about helping patients understand their medical conditions in their native language. 

“Bethesda is an amazing place to come and provide your services. The patients otherwise would not have their needs met, and it is a beautiful opportunity to provide that.”

Meet Carolyn

Carolyn retired from a pain management & addiction practice a few years ago, but she enjoys helping patients so much that she serves as both a receptionist and a medical assistant for Bethesda.

“I love volunteering at Bethesda because it’s a joy to work with other Christian people.”

Find Us

Bethesda Health Clinic is located next to First Baptist Church in downtown Tyler, Texas.

409 W. Ferguson St., Tyler, TX 75702

(903) 596-8353

(903) 596-9471


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