Bethesda Health Clinic

A Christ-centered ministry that provides affordable, high quality care
for the working uninsured and others we are able to serve.


“I think of Bethesda as a godsend to the healthcare community. Bethesda Clinic has not only addressed my physical issues but they also have addressed my spiritual issues.” – Rita


Bethesda Health Clinic is a 100% community funded ministry. Please prayerfully consider helping us financially. There are many ways to do so, including donating through this website.


Bethesda Health Clinic is always looking for medical professionals, dental professionals, clerical and admissions volunteers, and volunteers for Hangers of Hope Thrift Store.


Bethesda Health Clinic is a Christ-centered ministry with a bold mission: to provide healthcare to hardworking low income adults who are uninsured or underinsured. We envision our clinic as embodying Christ in action–bringing healing and hope to the people we serve.

Before Bethesda, those in need had to go to a local hospital’s emergency room for medical care. Our state-of-the-art facility eases the burden on local ERs while serving a neglected segment of our population in a professional and dignified environment.


“You have made all the difference in my life, and ‘thank you’ will never be enough.”
– Jana

“The best medical services I have.  I’m so happy to be a patient there!”
– Leticia


In 2018, Bethesda is celebrating 15 years of successful operation. Since its inception, the clinic has served more than 11,000 patients and completed more than 125,000 patient visits.


Bethesda serves hardworking low-income adults who have no insurance, or who are underinsured, which are those who have deductibles that are high relative to their income.


Bethesda Health Clinic is funded by the community and takes no tax dollars.  You can help by volunteering, shopping at Hangers of Hope, donating, and by giving to any of our named endowment funds.


Patients Served

Bethesda served thousands of hardworking adults in 2017, and the number of patients will continue to grow in 2018.

Patient Visits

The number of primary medical, specialty medical and dental visits set a new record in 2017, but will exceed that in 2018.

Active Volunteers

Our volunteers include physicians, dentists, x-ray technicians, data entry specialists, admissions advisors, and many more.



Bethesda provides “first-contact” care for patients with any undiagnosed sign, symptom, or health concern. This can include health promotion, education, and disease prevention, and diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses. Bethesda also helps patients obtain long-term medications.


Bethesda provides specialty medical care services that include on-site specialty evaluation for gastroenterology, orthopedics, podiatry, nephrology, endocrinology, podiatry, gynecology, and general surgery, and off-site specialty referrals for ophthalmology, rheumatology, pulmonary, cardiology, neurology, and physical medicine and rehabilitation.


Bethesda’s Dental Clinic is the only clinic of its kind in Smith county. Its priority is to treat patients experiencing pain or discomfort, but it also provides other vital services, including dental hygiene, fillings, and restorative care.


Bethesda provides health & wellness education to patients who have been diagnosed with, or are at risk of developing, chronic disease where nutrition or smoking is likely to be a factor.


When Patricia found out that Bethesda Health Clinic was going to be able to fix her severely damaged front teeth, she literally screamed. “I was so happy I told the staff I felt like shouting for joy, and they said, ‘go right ahead!’, so I did!” she exclaimed. “I wanted everyone to know how GOOD God is, and how GOOD Bethesda is!”

Bethesda has been a part of Patricia’s life for many years. When she was new to Tyler, she heard about the clinic from a co-worker and at first didn’t believe such a place was real. “The first time I came, everyone was so nice, so real. They treated me so nicely and didn’t make me feel like I was ‘less than.’ I’ve been treated as ‘less than’ before, and I know what that feels like,” she said.

In 2007, Bethesda helped Patricia obtain the back surgery she had desperately needed for a long
time. “Right before my surgery, Dr. Todd Raabe said to me, ‘Before we start, can I pray with you?’ I knew then that I was in the right hands… God’s hands and Dr. Raabe’s hands.”

Patricia’s first priority has always been to be a role model for her 11 year old daughter. “We’ve been through a lot together, so I call her ‘Soldier’. She’s a little soldier to me, and now the name has stuck,” says Patricia. “Everyone calls her ‘Soldier’ and it suits her.”

Soldier has always told her mother that she is beautiful, and now Patricia is beginning to believe that beauty and confidence are really a possibility in her future. “God showed up in the people He’s put in my life,” says Patricia. “He showed up in the people of Bethesda. It’s a miracle. It really is. And I still feel like shouting!”

Looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything this Christmas season?

Order your Christmas card packets now!

We have an exciting and meaningful opportunity for you to support Bethesda Health Clinic and bless your colleagues, friends and family at the same time!

With the help of a wonderful volunteer, we’ve printed and pre-packaged some Christmas-themed cards which feature a beautiful rendition of our “Touch of Grace” angel on the cover, Each card also has a classic message of Christmas joy inside and includes the phrase, “a gift was given in your honor by ________________”, with space for your name(s) to be written.

We are offering these cards to you in packets of 5 for $50 or 10 for $100. This is a great way to financially support Bethesda, to help us spread the word about the Clinic, and to make it easier for you to send cards this year!

Cards are now available at the clinic (Delivery to your home or office is available upon request.) Our office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 am to Noon on Fridays.

Help us spread a little Christmas cheer, both to your neighbors and friends and to our patients!

**We have linked to an order form below for your convenience – just open, print, fill out and mail with your check or credit card info to:

Bethesda Health Clinic
409 W. Ferguson
Tyler, Texas 75702
Attention: Brenda Cagle


we helped give them a better hope for tomorrow


Gihan has two pieces of jewelry she wears with pride… a cross around her neck and a sparkly red, white and blue “USA” pin on her shoulder. They shine as bright as her smile, and that she is able to wear them openly, every day, is a source of great joy, symbolic of the life her family now leads.


Through grace, Jamie has found her way back to health, wholeness and her faith from a deep abyss, a well of darkness of her own making. “I made horrible choices, and almost destroyed my life with my own hands,” she confesses. Years of anorexia and addiction were destroying Jamie’s body, and lawless behavior landed her in jail – for 76 long days.


Darla’s medical history is complex and complicated. She had seen doctor after doctor her entire life, but no one had been able to put the pieces together. Repeatedly misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated, Darla found her life diminished by the sudden and inexplicable attacks that left her unable to breathe.


Just a few of our donors and volunteers who made the choice to support Bethesda Health Clinic,
and why they did…


Flora, a former Bethesda patient, prepares medications for the Patient Assistance Program and manages patient processing and flow for volunteer chiropractors.


Fran and Lyle minister to our patients suffering from psychological, social and spiritual problems, and they are frequent contributors to Bethesda’s weekly devotional meetings.


Carolyn volunteers as receptionist on Mondays and as medical assistant for Dr. Cooper on Wednesdays. She and her husband are active in their church, and build ramps for handicapped people.