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Bethesda Health Clinic

Providing Affordable Healthcare for Underserved East Texas Families

Our Mission: Embodying Christ in Action

Welcome to Bethesda Health Clinic, where compassionate care meets affordability. Our mission is to bring healing and hope to the people we serve by providing accessible healthcare for underserved families.

East Texas Giving Day

$50,000 in Matching Funds

Join us in supporting Bethesda Health Clinic on East Texas Giving Day! Your donation helps hard-working, underserved East Texas families access affordable, high-quality healthcare. Together, we can bridge the healthcare gap and ensure our neighbors thrive with abundant life.

Now Offering Pediatric Services at

Bethesda Pediatrics

Exciting News! We are pleased to announce that Bethesda Pediatrics now offers comprehensive children’s services. Tap the link below to learn more about our pediatric care.

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Serving East Texas Since 2003

With a legacy of commitment, we have been serving the East Texas community since 2003, offering healthcare services to those who need it most.

Who We Serve

Bethesda Health Clinic and Pediatrics is here for underserved East Texas families who either lack insurance coverage or are underinsured. We understand the challenges of high deductibles relative to income, and we’re here to bridge the gap.

Since its inception, the clinic has served more than 20,000 patients and completed more than 265,000 patient visits.

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Hangers of Hope

With every purchase and donation you make at Hangers of Hope, you’re providing affordable healthcare for patients at Bethesda Health Clinic. 

Our Impact in 2023

Before Bethesda, those in need had to go to a local hospital’s emergency room for medical care. Our state-of-the-art facility eases the burden on local ER’s while serving a neglected segment of our population in a professional and dignified environment.

Discover how Bethesda Health Clinic made a difference in 2023:

Medical Patients

Medical Visits

Dental Patients

Dental Visits

Bethesda Lindale Clinic Relocation

We’ve moved! The Bethesda Lindale clinic can now be found at The Journey Center.

Our Comprehensive Services

At Bethesda Health Clinic, we provide a range of healthcare services:


We now offer specialized pediatric services for children from birth to adolescence.

Primary Medical

Our experienced physicians and staff offer initial care for patients with any health concern.

Specialty Medical

Volunteer physicians provide on-site specialty evaluation and facilitate off-site specialty referrals.


Affordable dental care and cleanings are available for low-income adults and seniors.

Mental Health

Our counselors help work through challenges related to thoughts, emotions, and relationships.

Patient Stories: Real Lives, Real Impact

Discover the stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed by Bethesda Health Clinic:

Betty’s Story

Overcoming seizures and high medical costs.

Paul’s Story

Triumph over post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction.

Angela’s Story

Gaining control of chronic conditions and avoiding the emergency room.

Tammy’s Story

Discover how your support became a lifeline for Tammy Moore, providing her with affordable access to critical healthcare services when she needed it most.

Kerwin’s Story

Discover how your kindness gave Kerwin McMonigal a new smile and a fresh start on his path to redemption and success.

We’re Here to Listen

If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, remember that you don’t have to go through it alone. Reach out to us for support and care.

Meet our Dedicated Volunteers

Learn about some of the amazing individuals who generously volunteer their time and talents to support Bethesda Health Clinic:

Meet Ann
A compassionate volunteer offering support and prayer.

Ann Boland began volunteering in admissions in the summer of 2021. Not only does she meet with potential patients to determine if they qualify for our services, but offers prayer to ease their suffering. Ann says it’s a real blessing to work with people and touch them through prayer and gospel.

“I see this as my ministry that I can use to glorify God.”

Meet Gina
A dedicated member of the Bethesda Alliance who contributes to fundraising efforts.

Gina Butler is a member of the Bethesda Alliance and has been volunteering at the clinic since 2012. Gina’s creativity and passion for Bethesda contributes to huge success at the clinic’s biggest annual fundraiser, the Birthday Bash.

“I believe that the Lord is in this clinic because of the way people have responded. The people of our community have given above and beyond what we ever imagined and I believe it’s because God is using this clinic and I love being a part of it. When Jesus ministered to people he always met their physical needs first and THEN he talked to them about their spiritual needs. That’s why the clinic is so successful. God is at the center and I appreciate Dr. English for making that happen.”

Meet Gerry
A volunteer physician assistant specializing in diabetes care.

Gerry Brown is a volunteer physician assistant who specializes in diabetes care and other chronic illnesses. Diabetes is very prevalent among Bethesda’s patients, and many of them did not receive adequate treatment prior to coming to the clinic. Gerry not only treats symptoms of diabetes and other comorbidities, but encourages patients to make lifestyle changes that are necessary to controlling the disease.

“I enjoy volunteering, giving a little bit back to the community, and helping to take care of folks in need that don’t have good access to healthcare.”

Dave Beck sitting in front a mural - Patient Stories

Meet Dave
A career shift that ignited a powerful journey of faith and patient support through prayer.

David Beck, a former physician’s assistant at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, sought to give back by volunteering in healthcare. Initially unsure of his fit at Bethesda Health Clinic, he found purpose in aiding with financial screening. Through volunteering, he rediscovered his faith and was baptized. Encouraged by fellow volunteer Don Wheeler, he joined a church community group, which transformed his life. Now, David embraces his role in prayer and discipleship at Bethesda, where he and his wife volunteer together. Guided by faith, David remains dedicated to his ministry at Bethesda.

“I love this place because this is a place to practice discipleship,” David said. “Everyone has their spiritual gifts, and I believe mine is prayer. One thing I do with our patients is pray with them… people don’t get enough prayer. Our patients, most of them, have been told what to do their whole lives, and a lot of them leave in tears when we pray with them.”

Mariella smiling at her desk

We’re Hiring!

Join our team and be part of Bethesda Health Clinic’s expansion. We’re looking for dedicated professionals to fill various roles, including Pediatrician, Nursing Staff, and Administrative Positions. If you’re passionate about healthcare, apply now!

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Bethesda Health Clinic is located next to First Baptist Church in downtown Tyler, Texas.

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