Your donation provides healthcare for the most vulnerable.

Giving is Good Medicine

Nohemi and Jared

Help Bring Affordable Healthcare to Our Neighbors

Your generous support provides hope and healing to thousands of East Texans.

Because of you, hard-working uninsured men and women in your community are able to live abundant lives through physical and spiritual hope found at Bethesda.

In 2022, about 75 of your East Texas neighbors become Bethesda patients every month.  The number of Medical visits is averaging 1132 per month, and the number of Dental visits is averaging 506 per month.

Bethesda Health Clinic is 100% community funded and receives no state or federal funding.

Our funding comes entirely from caring individuals, families, churches and businesses in our local area.  Some of ways you can help include online donations, Pillars of Bethesda and Planned Giving.

More Giving Options

Pillars of Bethesda

Pillars of Bethesda is our community of monthly donors.  Donations from our Pillars members go straight to services – not to administrative costs. As a Pillars member, you become a true partner to our patients by providing them with medical, dental and mental healthcare that is transformative.

Planned Giving

There are many ways to give to the future – a bequest in your estate plans, naming Bethesda as a beneficiary of your IRA or insurance plan, etc. Your professional advisor will help you find the vehicle that is best for you, your family and for Bethesda.

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