Doctor Luke Society

Honoring local physicians for their commitment to service.

About the Doctor Luke Society

Inspired by the reference in Colossians 4:14 in which the Apostle Paul refers to Saint Luke as “the beloved physician,” the Doctor Luke Society is a unique opportunity to express esteem and appreciation to these exceptional medical professionals.

In 2004, Bethesda Health Clinic began a program of honoring local physicians through the Dr. Luke Society. Honorees are chosen because they reflect the characteristics of Luke in Colossians 4:14. Luke’s writings reflect his commitment to respect all people; his concern for the poor; and his hope for God’s mercy and forgiveness for all.

Members of the Doctor Luke Society

E. Maxey Abernathy, M.D.
Charles Albright,* M.D.
Lawrence Anderson, M.D.
Duane Andrews, M.D.
Ben Bridges,* M.D.
Kirk Calhoun, M.D.
Harold Cameron,* M.D.
Douglas Coltman, M.D.
James R. Cotton, M.D.
J. Stuart Crutchfield, M.D.
Grace English, M.D.
John English, M.D.

Ben Fisch,* M.D.
Don Freeman, M.D.
Jan Garrett, M.D.
Robert Gatti,* M.D.
Virgilio Gonzalez, M.D.
Glen Graves, M.D.
Kevin Green, M.D.
Gary Gross, M.D.
Clark Hampe,* M.D.
Steven Hickerson, M.D.
Samuel Houston,* M.D.
C. Noah Israel, M.D.

Steven Keuer, M.D.
Gary Kimmel,* M.D.
Arielle Lee, M.D.
Thomas Lowery, M.D.
Charles McCarthy,* M.D.
William Moore, M.D.
David Nichols, D.D.S.
Todd Raabe, M.D.
Robert Rossman, M.D.
Stephen Rydzak, M.D.
H. Don Smith, M.D.
W. Herd Snider, M.D.

William Starling, M.D.
Donal Steph,* M.D.
Patrick Thomas,* M.D.
William Turner, Jr., M.D.
James Vaughn,* M.D.
Svetislava Vukelja, M.D.
Kerfoot Walker, Jr., M.D.
John Walker, M.D.
Marietta Crowder Walker,* M.D.
Sherilyn Willis, M.D.
Richard Yates, M.D.

* Deceased

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