Doctor Luke Society

Honoring local physicians for their commitment to service.

2023 Doctor Luke Society Honorees

Bethesda Clinic is proud to announce Julia D. Hwang, M.D., and Bruce C. Carter, M.D., as the 2023 Doctor Luke Society Honorees.
Julia Hwang, MD

Julia D. Hwang, M.D.

Bruce Carter, MD

Bruce C. Carter, M.D.

The Doctor Luke Banquet was held Saturday, February 25, at Willow Brook Country Club.

About the Doctor Luke Society

Inspired by the reference in Colossians 4:14 in which the Apostle Paul refers to Saint Luke as “the beloved physician,” the Doctor Luke Society is a unique opportunity to express esteem and appreciation to these exceptional medical professionals.

In 2004, Bethesda Health Clinic began a program of honoring local physicians through the Dr. Luke Society. Honorees are chosen because they reflect the characteristics of Luke in Colossians 4:14. Luke’s writings reflect his commitment to respect all people; his concern for the poor; and his hope for God’s mercy and forgiveness for all.

Members of the Doctor Luke Society

E. Maxey Abernathy,* M.D.
Charles Albright,* M.D.
Lawrence Anderson, M.D.
Duane Andrews, M.D.
Ben Bridges,* M.D.
Kirk Calhoun, M.D.
Harold Cameron,* M.D.
Douglas Coltman, M.D.
James R. Cotton, M.D.
J. Stuart Crutchfield, M.D.
Grace English, M.D.
John English, M.D.

Ben Fisch,* M.D.
Don Freeman, M.D.
Jan Garrett, M.D.
Robert Gatti,* M.D.
Virgilio Gonzalez, M.D.
Charles R. Gordon, M.D.
Glen Graves, M.D.
Kevin Green, M.D.
Gary Gross, M.D.
Clark Hampe,* M.D.
Steven Hickerson, M.D.
Samuel Houston,* M.D.
C. Noah Israel, M.D.

Steven Keuer, M.D.
Gary Kimmel,* M.D.
Arielle Lee, M.D.
Thomas Lowery, M.D.
Charles McCarthy,* M.D.
William Moore, M.D.
David Nichols, D.D.S.
Todd Raabe, M.D.
Robert Rossman, M.D.
Stephen Rydzak, M.D.
Evans S. Smith, M.D.
H. Don Smith, M.D.
W. Herd Snider, M.D.

William Starling, M.D.
Donal Steph,* M.D.
Patrick Thomas,* M.D.
William Turner, Jr., M.D.
James Vaughn,* M.D.
Svetislava Vukelja, M.D.
Kerfoot Walker, Jr., M.D.
John Walker, M.D.
Marietta Crowder Walker,* M.D.
Sherilyn Willis, M.D.
Richard Yates, M.D.

* Deceased

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