Patient Services

Need healthcare but don’t have health insurance? We can help!

Medical & Dental Services

We provide high-quality medical and dental care for hard-working, low-income adults in East Texas. Our goal is to be the medical home for our patients. We don’t want our patients to use the Emergency Room for primary care.

Our medical services include primary care, women’s health, mental health, chronic disease management and some specialty services. Our dental services include hygiene, fillings, extractions and more, but our priority is pain management as many of our patients have never had consistent dental care. We also address dental issues that cause emotional or employment problems.

Medical serves uninsured adults aged 18 to 64.
Dental serves uninsured adults ages 18 and up.

Dr. Matt Humphries with patient

Primary Medical

We provide “first-contact” care for patients with any undiagnosed sign, symptom, or health concern. This includes health promotion, education, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses.

Once a patient is admitted, we serve as their primary care facility. Our doctors treat everything from diabetes to general depression and anxiety. We believe in treating the whole person, physical and spiritual.

Bethesda Health Clinic also offers ancillary services including lab work, on-site plain film x-rays, EKGs, and pulmonary tests.

Specialty Medical

Through the assistance of dedicated volunteers, we can provide limited specialty services to our patients based on need. These include: gastroenterology, orthopedics, podiatry, endocrinology and general surgery. Off-site specialty referrals for ophthalmology, rheumatology, pulmonary, cardiology, neurology and physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) are also available. Allied medical personnel provide evaluation for PM&R such as physical therapy, chiropractic and diabetic education.

Off-site x-rays (such as MRIs and CT scans) are also available on a limited basis.

Dr. Taylor Holland with patient


Our dentists and assistants strive to relieve pain and suffering for their patients in a comfortable semi-private treatment facility. They also treat and prevent periodontal disease through cleaning and oral health education. Thanks to our generous donors, the dental clinic proudly offers some of the latest dental technologies including state-of-the-art workstations and panoramic x-ray. The Bethesda Dental team is led by Dr. Stephanie Wilson.


Cancer Screening

We proudly partner with Myriad Genetics to provide the myRisk Hereditary Cancer test at no cost to our patients. This test is performed via a simple blood draw on-site and combines genetic information with personal and family history. The results help our providers screen cancer risks for our patients.

Nutrition Education

Chronic Disease Management

Many patients at Bethesda have put their health at the bottom of their “to-do list” for years, and now they struggle with chronic disease. We provide wellness and nutrition education for patients having risk factors for chronic disease. The primary aim of the program is to prevent the onset of chronic disease, such as diabetes, hypertension and lung disease, by changing lifestyles. The program provides one-on-one coaching to educate and encourage patients to make healthier choices. The most common lifestyle issues addressed by the program are obesity and smoking.



You are not just a physical body walking around. You have a mind, heart, and spirit, too. Here at Bethesda, we recognize the value of being a whole healthy person, not just a physically healthy one. If you’re struggling with anything in your thoughts, emotions, relationships or life circumstances, consider letting us help you work through it. We have a counselor on staff and we partner with MOSAIC to provide visits with certified counselors in English or Spanish. Counseling visits are available at your normal copay of $20 or $30.

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