Thanks Bethesda!

The staff here is just amazing. You can just tell that they want to be here and they are very compassionate, especially when you’re first coming in and you’re not feeling like talking to somebody, especially if you’re sick. I think the biggest thing they have is compassion towards the people that they are serving. I think that’s the thing. They know they are serving these people and it shows. They do it with a servant’s heart. –April Barr



I think of Bethesda as a godsend to a healthcare community. Bethesda Clinic has not only addressed physical issues but they also have addressed my spiritual issues. –Rita Marie Brooks




Before I came to the Bethesda Clinic, I did not like myself very much. I did not smile a lot. I didn’t like my teeth. But once I came and started getting my dental work done, I enjoy my mouth now, I like my teeth, I mean, so, they’ve really changed my life. Now that I’ve had my teeth repaired I am no longer self-conscious. I love talking to people. I love smiling. I just enjoy life a whole lot better. –Melanie Crebbs



Stakeholders of all kinds—patients, physicians, churches, businesses, volunteers, donors—are so struck by Bethesda Health Clinic’s community-based model that they find themselves wanting to share their experience with others. They believe everyone—in the community—has a role in and a responsibility for providing care to people in need. Moreover, everyone pulling together to help those in need understands that healing is not just about treating specific diseases or conditions—it’s about addressing the whole person: body, mind and soul. Hence, we thought you would enjoy hearing from people who are sincerely touched by Bethesda. –Nohemi Perez


My first impression walking into Bethesda Clinic was how clean it was.  The second was how organized the staff was.  Everyone was so nice, caring and professional.  I love the Scriptures and murals on the walls!  They gave the place a feeling of comfort – I could feel God’s presence there.  I was really impressed by Dr. English, who is very personable.  Also, I had a blood test done and it wasn’t extremely painful!  It normally is – I have problems sometimes and they have to drill for a vein more than once!  The entire process from admittance to paying the bill and leaving is done so smoothly and organized!  Bethesda is truly a jewel of a clinic and they are providing a service that is rare in America today – low cost basic medical for the under employed. –Sandy Bristow