Launched in 2005 with a volunteer staff, Bethesda’s Dental Clinic served about 350 patients per year for several years. Demand steadily increased, as did the patient backlog, so in 2010, Bethesda hired a part-time dentist as well as the staff needed to expand the operations. In 2013, the Dental Clinic was in full operation and served over 2,300 patients.

For most of Bethesda's patients, affordable dental care has been a pressing need for many years. Bethesda’s Dental Clinic is the only clinic of its kind in the county. Its priority is to treat patients experiencing pain or discomfort, but it also provides other vital services, including dental hygiene, fillings, and restorative care.

We recognize that many medical conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, can be made worse by dental problems. By resolving dental issues, the clinic helps its patients better manage these conditions, remain productive at work, and improve their self-esteem.

Dental Clinic services are available to Bethesda patients and low-income members of the community only.