Before you make a televisit appointment


1. Select a private room.

When considering a televisit appointment, be sure you have access to a private room that can be quiet during the entire televisit.

2. You must use a computer or mobile device with camera and microphone.

If using a computer, it must have Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed.  If using a mobile device, it must have Chrome or Safari installed.

3. Connect to a network by cable or WiFi.

Your computer or mobile device must be connected to a network by ethernet cable or Wifi.

4. Run Bandwidth Test.

Click on the button below to run the bandwidth test.  The bandwidth test will open in a new tab.  If the bandwidth is over 350kbps for both upload and download, continue to Step 5.

5. Run Pre-Call Test.

Click on the button below to run the Pre-Call Test.  The test will open in a new tab.  Then click on the blue Run Test button, and verify that all five Connectivity to OpenTok Servers tests pass.

6. If the Pre-Call Test passed, you are all set to request a televisit appointment.

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